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Summer 2024 in Olen

Health-inspired talks that will teach & empower

you to live a happier, healthier life

in collaboration with Het Rijk der Zinnen. 

This Health Talks series came to life when three women, Kim (myself), Annemieke (my mother and the Health Talks event host)), and Griet (of Het Rijk der Zinnen in Westerlo), felt inspired to bring people together through our passion for wellbeing, nutrition with the power to heal, and community, and compelled to share this with as many people as possible.

You can register your attendance using the form below. 


With chronic disease, stress levels, and toxicity at an all time high, being aware of your health and what you can do to stay healthy as well as prevent illness can be life changing. With this series of Health Talks we want to educate, inspire, and empower on how to live a healthy, vibrant life through nutrition and lifestyle choices that you can apply daily - health is created and maintained through every day practices, not in quick fiixes ... 


During each of the Health Talks, hosted in a stunning location, you can expect insightful information, tips & tricks to get started with, healthy food & drink to taste, and a goodie bag filled with healthy goodies to take home.


Each Health Talk will revolve around an inspiring topic given by Kim: 

Healthy drinks & small bites related to the topics will be served allowing you to experience for yourself how tasty healthy food can be, and to inspire you to start making changes in your own eating habits. 


In an oasis of tranquility, the setting for these Talks was chosen for its inspirational effects. The beautiful residence is located in Olen, surrounded by the beautiful forest so you can enjoy in true serenity. The exact address will be sent to you once your attendance is confirmed and paid for.


Talk 1 | Saturday, July 6th, 1300 - 1500 

Talk 2 | Saturday, August 31st, 1300 - 1500

Talk 3 | Monday, September 30th, 1900 - 2100

How much?

€75 per person per Talk or

€99 pp per Talk including a 30 minute individual Health Coaching session with Kim (worth €45) to discuss your personal health journey. 

Please note each Talk is limited to 15 people and are hosted in Dutch. 

A big thank you also to the below partners who support us with inspiration and goodies! ♥️

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Image by kike vega

Talk 1 | Healthy ageing & Longevity 

We will touch upon how and why the body ages, what superfoods can help slow down this ageing process & what lifestyle practices can you incorporate in your (daily) routine to help you age well. After all, it is health span that matters, not only life span. 

Talk 2 |  Mindfulness & stress 

85% of doctor visits today are due to stress. In this session, we explore what stressors there are on the body in today's world, what it does to us physiologically, and some practices that you can introduce to reduce the effects of stress as well as increase resilience. A restorative yoga session will also be held in the garden (weather allowing). 


Talk 3 | Sugar & its effects on the body

Sugar is the drug of choice in the society we live in today, and it is causing a lot of damage. We will dive deeper into what sugar is, where it is found, how it effects the brain & body, and how you can live a more sugar-free life. 

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Come join our Health Talks!

Which session(s) do you want to attend?

Once you have registered, you will receive an email with the payment information. The address where the Talks will take place will be sent to you when payment has been received.

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