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Authentic. Wholehearted. Committed.

IMPERIUM /ɪmˈpɪərɪəm/ means absolute power. A power we all have within us. A power that I want to show you have within YOU! 

I found my own power in the challenges I have faced and in the pursuit of my authentic self. These experiences led me to a more holistic way of life, a way of life that not only healed me, but also gave me the passion to help others be the best version of themselves - mentally, emotionally and physically. 

I consider myself to be a multipotentialite and have lived a colourful life: I grew up a Third Culture Kid, battled with Breast Implant Illness, adrenal dysfunction & hypothyroidism, started an e-commerce business, and thrived after a narcissistic & abusive relationship. I have lived in over twelve different places; the last four years alone in London, Monaco, Verbier, Amsterdam and finally Antwerp, as I love to travel, discover, learn and grow. 


I am a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, having studied at the internationally acclaimed Institute for Functional Medicine-powered FMCA as well as at the Dr Sears Wellness Institute. I also completed a deep dive into gut & hormone health at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition and I am currently taking a trauma-informed coaching course at HeartMath Institute. I have been passionate about all things health & wellness for years, and continuously dive into books, masterclasses, and other courses.

I am based in Antwerp, Belgium, but I am able to coach clients globally. You will find me at the beautiful private member's Botanic Health Club located within Botanic Sanctuary Antwerp, where I support the Directors of Spa, work in the Saint Charles Apothecary, and where I am the resident Health Coach. I also create content and write health & lifestyle blogs for Biotona and Physalis, two brands owned by KeyPharm and both passionate about health, wellbeing, and quality of life and product. 


Your Health. Your Power. 




The mind, body and soul are intimately connected. Stress and trauma, both past and present, will have profound effects on all of these, preventing you from feeling healthy and living an optimal life - it leads to gut problems, fatigue, pain anywhere in the body, insomnia, nutrient deficiency and chronic or autoimmune diseases.

I know what a hectic and challenging diary looks and feels like as I am a multipotentialite and entrepreneur, having started my own e-commerce business with my sister in 2017. For years I lived between three different countries and juggled running my business with freelance consulting projects. At the time I was also in an emotionally abusive relationship and suffering from BII, not to mention the emotional effects of being a Third Culture Kid. After a long journey, I was diagnosed with adrenal dysfunction and hypothyroidism. 


Extensive travel, unhealed trauma and environmental, personal and professional stressors needed to be addressed, and I turned to nutrition, natural supplementation and holistic practices of meditation, self love and pilates to bring more balance and get me through these challenging times that caused my fatigue and adrenal dysfunction. 

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The stress and trauma outlined above, coupled with the BII I was suffering from, is what lead my body to hypothyroidism and adrenal dysfunction. Continued physical and emotional stress messed with my endocrine system, specifically my hormone, cortisol and DHEA levels. This made me feel exhausted, caused my insomnia, lowered mood, brain fog and general lack of life. Adrenal function is closely linked to thyroid function, so now not only were my adrenals not working as they should, my thyroid was also working sub-optimally. 


Together with my Functional Medicine Practitioner, I put anti-inflammatory & endocrine-boosting dietary & supplement protocols in place, used adaptogenic herbs to regulate my stress response, optimised my sleep and practised mindfulness.



Navigating my mother through her chronic health troubles alongside her Functional Medicine Doctor is, besides my own health journey, what inspired me to pursue holistic health coaching. Strong medication was making her weaker, more ill and wreaking havoc on her body. Removing these was key, and I saw how changes in exercise, nutrition and mindfulness quite literally transformed her life.

I will be your rock alongside your other medical practitioners to guide, empower and inspire you. I will make sure you have the tools, knowledge and support necessary to live your life as full as possible! An autoimmune disease is not a death sentence, nor are its symptoms untreatable. Remission is possible, if you want it enough and with the right guidance!

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Breast Implant Illness (BII) is very real despite resistance for years by the medical world to acknowledge it as such. 

Breast implants cause serious physiological imbalance and inflammation and will lead to debilitating health consequences that range from fatigue, brain fog, lack of energy, hair loss and skin conditions, to more serious chronic illness and autoimmune diseases. I personally battled BII and successfully explanted in 2021. Explanting saved me physically, mentally and spiritually. Through powerful nutrition, the practice of self-love and holistic lifestyle choices I was able to detox my body and regain my health, energy, power and sense of self. It has been one of the best things I ever did for myself.


I am keen to share awareness around this topic, and empower and assist women going through this life-changing journey of healing, whether pre- or post explant, which can be demanding on the body, mind and soul. Finding our inner strength and beauty is key in this journey. 

Read my BII opinion piece here.

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

- Aristotle

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