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Solé Water.

Solé water, pronounced so-lay, is essentially purified water enriched with pink Himalayan salt.

Himalayan Salt, native to the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan, has become the preferred salt of many health enthousiasts as it is unrefined, minimally processed and additive-free. It gets its light pink hue due to the wide variety of minerals and trace elements such as electrolytes, iron, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and iodine, it has a lower sodium content than regular salt, making it a healthier choice. When soaked in water, Himalayan Salt releases unique energy and is therapeutic for both mind and body. Whilst more scientific research into its benefits needs to be undertaken, people who drink solé water are enthousiastic and swear by it. It can be enjoyed in the morning to kick-start your day, or after exercise to replenish and rehydrate the body.

The benefits of solé water.

The benefits of solé water are widespread, even if they are anecdotal. Salt is an essential nutrient to the body, needed to regulate a healthy blood pressure and essential for nerve and muscle function. If you eat a high real and whole food diet, low in processed and packaged foods, your salt intake will likely be on the low side . Solé water is the perfect way to make sure your body gets this to maintain systemic health and wellness. Do note that this is not suitable for everyone, and you need to determine yourself what your optimal intake of salt is.

  • Good source of minerals - minerals are key to the healthy functioning of the mind and body. Solé water will help you get (small) amounts of potassium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, iodine and electrolytes, and a larger amount of sodium.

  • Detoxes the body - electrolytes are great for detoxing the body and will help your kidneys in this process of flushing out toxins. Electrolytes carry a charge that is ionizes when dissolved in water, making them electrically charged, facilitating absorption of both minerals and water by the body.

  • Enhanced hydration - electrolytes, along with sodium, are essential to maintain the right fluid balance in our body. Solé water allows you to hydrate and in fact replaces minerals lost through sweat after a work out, which regular water does not do.

  • Cellular health - electrolytes and sodium are essential for nutrient absorption by the small intestine and cells, as well as waste removal from cells.

  • Improved sleep - the right amount of sodium can promote better sleep.

  • Clearer skin - as solé water works from the inside out, this mineral-rich hydration will promote a clearer skin naturally. Especially the trace amounts of zinc, magnesium, copper and potassium will enhance this.

  • Promotes pH balance - the minerals and trace element in solé water support the pH balance in your body. Our bodies are constantly working to keep the right pH balance, so you can help support this process.

How to make solé water.

Luckily the recipe for solé water is easy! Make sure you use filtered, clean water, preferably out of a glass bottle, and the finest Himalayan Salt wherever possible.

What do you need?

1 mason jar

filtered water

coarse Himalayan Salt granules

How to make solé water?

- fill the mason jar 1/4 of the way

- add the filtered water to the top of the jar and close the lid

- shake the jar well and let it sit for 12 - 24 hours

- if there is still salt residue in the jar after 24 hours, the water has been saturated and is ready to use

- if the water is clear, add more salt until residue starts to collect, indicating the water has been saturated

How to drink solé water?

add 1 teaspoon of solé water to 250ml of filtered water and enjoy!

Please note that everyone's salt intake needs are different. If you do not have any underlying health conditions, solé water should be safe to drink in moderation. Please consult your doctor before trying this should you have any health concerns or have been prescribed a low sodium diet.


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